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Momentus’ team of experts provide innovative, practical and viable consulting engineering and project management solutions. Our services include:

  • property and building condition assessments, design and investigation of building enclosure systems, parking garage structures, roof assemblies and site services,
  • design; project management and contract administration associated with new construction, restoration, retrofit, and renewal capital and maintenance projects as well as
  • capital planning, reserve fund studies and depreciation reports and maintenance manuals.

Our clients can expect clear, viable and innovative solutions to support their needs while meeting their buildings’ requirements.

Due Diligence

Property Condition Assessments
Assessment reports are an important part of due diligence and maintenance planning. They provide the information you need before making a purchase and include a capital expenditures plan for immediate and long-term renewals and retrofit/restoration programs.

Whether for a purchase or sale agreement, financing and refinancing, capital expenditure planning or pre- and post-leasing review, our experienced team of engineers will evaluate the physical condition and operating effectiveness of all building elements. Our property condition assessments offer a due diligence review of available drawings and documents and all building components and systems for all building types – commercial; industrial; institutional; office; retail; mixed-use; hospitality and municipal.

Working with our partners and associate experts, we provide comprehensive Phase I and II environmental site assessments and fire safety reviews as well as designated/hazardous materials survey reports and testing.

Capital Planning
Our qualified team of engineers and managers are experienced in managing and assisting program administrators with mortgage undertaking management systems (MUMS) that are used by multi-property owners, REITs and lending institutions.


Air Quality and Mould Assessments

Hazardous Material Survey and Management

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Condominium/Strata Assessments and Audits

Reserve Fund Studies/Depreciation Reports
A Reserve Fund Study/Depreciation Report gives you an easy-to-follow overview of your condominium or strata’s building elements which includes their replacement cost as well as their remaining life expectancy. With that information, our engineers or planners create long-term maintenance plans that allow you to see whether your reserve fund contributions are adequate enough to implement reserve funding options that preserve or increase property value.

Certified Reserve Planners, registered with the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC), and provincially associated certified engineering and architectural technicians and technologists prepare our capital plans, reserve fund studies and depreciation reports; a registered professional engineer then signs and reviews them.

Warranty Reviews and Performance Audits
Whether your property is a townhouse complex, or a low-rise or high-rise building, our reports are designed to assist owners and property managers to more easily track and maintain a building’s deficiencies. Experienced staff will review buildings and compare the as-built conditions to the construction drawings in order to develop a clear report with a detailed deficiency-tracking list for your property.

Building Maintenance Plans and Program Development
A balanced mix of proactive and reactive measures identified in our maintenance plans and programs can help you avoid costly, reactive remedial rehabilitation programs and reduce both service interruption and costs over the lifespan of your building.

Our building-specific maintenance manuals and programs outline clear and realistic maintenance objectives and schedules to optimize performance and maintain and increase the value of your property. They provide a clear and simple understanding of the building elements, systems and equipment so you can more easily prioritize your building’s maintenance needs and maximize its lifespan.

Building Science and Restoration Engineering

Balconies, Building Envelope, Parking Garage Structures and Roof Assemblies
Our engineering and design team has a proven track record of cost-effective and practical repair designs for existing envelope and enclosures, roofing and waterproofing systems, parking garages and plaza decks and balconies.

Our team of experts provide detailed reviews and assessments of:

  • building envelopes including, curtain and window walls, precast wall assemblies, brick masonry assemblies, fenestration assemblies and waterproofing systems testing,
  • structural and waterproofing membranes forming the various types parking garage structures and parkades,
  • balconies, and
  • roof assemblies.

Mechanical and Electrical

HVAC Systems, Power Supply and Distribution Systems
Our associates provide detailed reviews and assessments and have a proven track record of cost-effective and practical designs for mechanical and electrical building systems.

Multi-disciplinary Project Management

Design and Project Planning
Our team of project managers have extensive national experience in building restoration and multi-disciplinary projects. We provide our clients clear, viable and cost-effective guidance and recommended solutions for budgeting, planning and project implementation.

We work with our partners and associates to provide project-based, expert subject matter input and design for a variety of projects:

  • roof replacement;
  • building enclosure repair or renewal;
  • parking garage restoration;
  • boiler replacement;
  • installation or upgrade of the emergency backup generator;
  • mechanical and electrical upgrades and renewals;
  • interior improvement; and
  • remodelling projects

Specifications and Tender Document
Our team of experts and associate subject matter experts, where and as required, prepare all of the required scope(s) of work, specifications and tender documents to enable the procurement process for all our clients’ projects. The specifications include all required remedial and renewal work methods and processes, all required materials and all associated procurement and contractual terms and conditions.

Our team will carry out all required supplier pre-qualification, bidders list optimization, and tender management.

Supplier Pre-qualification

Through a practical process, we validate supplier capabilities, specialties, reliability, financials, prior experience, etc…

Bidders List Optimization
With our ongoing projects and past experiences and references, we leverage resources and our supplier performance management process to select the most capable, reliable and competitive bidders for each project.

Tender Management
With the created specifications and tender package, we issue tenders to all pre-qualified and select bidders, and manage all required vendor clarifications, prepare the bid analysis and award recommendation.

Contract Administration and Quality Assurance
Our team of experts and project managers provide construction contract administration for all of our projects. Our project managers will manage your project, ensuring schedules and deadlines are met.

Communication and transparency is a key part of our project management philosophy; project managers preside over site meetings to verify our clients’ requirements, resolve construction issues, and manage schedules.
We oversee and administer all required issuance of certificates, minutes, payment certification, and release of holdbacks pertaining to the contract. We manage and administer project contracts to minimize cost overruns and use of contingencies. Our project management team, assisted by all design professionals outline field review requirements and perform periodic site reviews. The reviews ensure construction is carried out in accordance with the design intent and contract documents; and quality of construction and building materials is maintained as per the terms of the contract.